Katamatite Food Swap

Food SwapWhen : 1st Sunday of the month (except January)

Time: 9-11am

Where: Katamatite Garlic
1307 Chapel Road Katamatite Vic 0438 983 718

The Katamatite Food Swap is still in its infancy and each month we get asked this same question. Can I come to the Food Swap if I don’t have anything to bring?
The short answer is ‘Absolutely!’ To begin with you may think you have nothing to offer, you may be starting out in your own food growing adventures; you may have just watched ‘war on waste’ and only just begun to understand the terrible waste issues we face. You might just want access to great local fresh produce. This Food swap is for you.

Now, I would love it if you will stick with me for the very long answer…

Why a Food Swap?
For us a Food Swap is a starting point and because everyone needs food and everyone deserves access to quality, healthful food it seemed like the obvious choice. Also, as Geoff Lawton (see Permaculture Research Institute of Australia) says ‘All the world’s problems can be solved in a garden.’
If we want to live in a caring community we have to build a community that cares. It is as simple as that. In order to rebuild the Natural Capital that has been lost and wasted one of the most important things we can do is rebuild the social capital that has been eroded in recent times and in the face of recent technologies.

We believe there are many people out there thinking the same way but feel powerless and isolated in the face of big corporations and ignorant governments that seem hell bent on destroying what we have left. One of the deeper reasons for starting the Food Swap is to go about rebuilding The Village.
The food swap is our way of bringing people together to build a sustainable community of folks who care about the direction the world is going. It is meant for everyone from hard-core sustainability freaks to people who think home grown veggies just taste better! We will never expect people to do more than they can, where they are, with what they have.

Our vision is to have a community of people who come together to talk, share ideas, share successes and failures, share seeds and knowledge, food and company, tools and energy; a place for people to come who are feeling disenfranchised by supermarkets, governments and consumer society; a physical, actual network of people to rely on and create a resilient community. We aim to help people find their ‘Tribe’.

Still not convinced you can come without bringing something?
For those who really want to come and would love to take home some of this wonderful produce that you otherwise would not have access to, but don’t yet feel comfortable just taking, we have now started a Donations Box. All donations will go to future projects that may include guest speakers, donations to sustainable community projects, a tool library, tea and coffee, whatever we decide as a group. The options are endless.
But for now we just want people to join us. You will soon work out whether it is for you or not. We just ask that you come with an open mind and the intention of sharing and, when you have the capacity, actual sharing. We all have something to offer and we all have a unique view, none more important than the next. Fruit and Vegetables are not the only surplus; perhaps you could offer your services, make some morning tea, knit or crochet something useful, bring a bag of manure or compost or perhaps you have a stable full of horse muck you can’t deal with, bring some flowers or plant cuttings, can you make an awesome jam from last month’s surplus? or maybe you have a surplus of genuine hugs! (those things are golden). It’s all about surplus and what others might find useful. Whatever you do, don’t just buy something so that you can come along.

What Are Our Motivations?
Over my short lifetime, having spent significant time in nature I have seen the beauty of the environment quickly disappearing and it seems clear that our children will never get to see the things we have seen, some already gone. It is up to us to save what we have left and repair what’s been damaged for their sake and for all future generations. Our guiding principle is ‘Be the change you wish to see in the world’
When we first moved to Katamatite 11 years ago our intention was to set up a permaculture property to live a self-sufficient, sustainable and zero impact life. My theory was that if we could do it here in the middle of a largely conservative farming district it could be done anywhere and, by example, we could create real change.

One of the things that people soon realise when embarking on such an adventure is that self-sufficiency is really an illusion, or a delusion, and later that sustainability and zero impact is best achieved through the power people.
Over those 11 years we have seen more obvious and pressing issues associated with the climate and the environment beginning to impact, which are disempowering and saddening. The total lack of action and even wilful ignorance from successive governments only makes us feel more isolated and impotent. But in recent years, if you look and listen we have also seen a significant rise in grassroots groups, organisations and communities that are not just talking about the problems society face but actually taking action. The re-emergence of home food production, the ‘War on Waste’ and getting rid of plastic bags, Permaculture Principles as driving force behind Gardening Australia (and Costa Georgiadis Official as host), Organics and Bio-dynamics being common and understood household words. There are green shoots of a revolution that are encouraging and empowering. My belief is that Governments will never take meaningful action on anything until enough of the everyday humans are demanding it through everyday actions, and by the time they do take action really the work has been done and they will just be playing catch up. Remember we only ever get the government we deserve.

So I hope you read this far, and I trust it was more comforting than confronting. Please come along and help us build something great.

The Eddy Family

Eddy Family