Chook care in Summer heat

Do you have chooks? They can die when heat stressed and only have access to hot water. With good management you can help them cope with heat.

Chickens cope with heat by holding out their wings and panting. Egg laying productivity decreases. But they can succumb to heat stroke. You’ll know your hens are struggling when they are panting with wide open mouths and are listless. They stop eating and drinking. If you see that, they’re in immediate danger.
Cool, fresh water is the most important thing to provide your flock. Put a waterer in the shade where they hang out – nor in the sun. If it’s so hot that even that water is too warm to drink, then chill it off with this trick: fill the waterer halfway and freeze it. Then top it off before setting it out for the hens..water

Providing juicy fruits and vegetables also keeps your flock hydrated. Watermelon and cucumbers are especially good, Don’t cut them up. Leave them whole so that it will last.


Frozen blocks of vegetables and fruits are also good for pecking at. This is a good time to clean out your freezer.  Freezer burn? The chickens don’t care!

green beans

Your chickens must have shade where the dirt is moist and cool. Provide an area with dry, loose dirt where the hens can take dust baths. They’ll wallow down until they reach cool soil.

dust bath


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