Is my garlic ready for harvest?

harvest garlic

When is my garlic ready for harvest I hear you ask!

We have a short video to help you along with your decision.   YouTube video LINK.

The early varieties (Turban group) in this case Italian Purple, is showing all the signs it is ready! Harvest on a dry day, ideally overcast then store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight – remember they don’t like to get too hot so preferably not in a hot garage or shed! You want at least 3-4 green leaves as these give protection for the bulb and helps it keep longer. But don’t worry if you forget and all the leaves have died down – it will still be delicious – just make sure you eat it up! Organic, home grown is the BEST!

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At the moment our online customers only have access to limited stock. We will have fresh available in the 2nd week of November by 1kg or 1/2 kg lots. If you drop us an email we can arrange an online order at Farmhouse for you!